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Veneers Norfolk: Types and Factors to be Considered

The dental veneers Norfolk is perfect if you plan to have that picture-perfect smile since it can aid your problems regarding teeth stain, cracked teeth, the deformed appearance of the teeth, and a large gap between teeth. They are placed on the visible portion of the teeth to look like a natural tooth after the procedure. 

Hence, you can ask your local dentist about what material would suit your teeth best since different materials may entail a different benefit for you. The two types of veneer materials are ceramic or composite resin and porcelain.

Porcelain Veneers 

Porcelain veneers in Norfolk are often looked at as a thin-like shell that is made entirely like your tooth. It is custom made. Therefore, it is meticulously done in order to fit the appearance of the original tooth flawlessly. 

A few of the benefits of a porcelain veneer is that it is long-lasting and robust, it looks perfectly natural, less to zero enamel will be removed from the teeth, and the food you may consume would not stain right away.

Composite Resin Veneers

Unlike a porcelain veneer, a composite resin is filled with a tooth-colored filling before being intertwined with the tooth. Therefore, it is sculpted in the shape of your original tooth. Hence, the veneer's color will depend on the shade of your tooth, which is why your dentist will be the one to determine the factor during the process.

A few of the benefits of a composite resin veneer are less enamel will be removed from your original teeth, less to zero visits from the dentist, a lot cheaper than a porcelain veneer, and can be easily repaired if an issue takes place. Keep in mind that despite a porcelain veneer being sturdier than a composite resin, attending to repair damages procedure can be quickly attended. 

Veneers Norfolk VA

With that in mind, what are the factors to be considered before and after having veneer teeth? 

Before Having Veneers

  • Healthy Teeth and Gums: it would be best to assure your dentist that your teeth are healthy and free from decay since a veneer is permanent, which will need a secure foundation beforehand.
  • Not Recommended for Individuals who Grinds their Teeth: keep in mind that veneers Norfolk are thin and easy to break, especially for those who often grind their teeth. Therefore it is not recommended for those people to get one.
  • No Revert Button After the Procedure: despite the tiniest bit of enamel will be removed, and you can back down on the procedure.
  • Loose Veneers are Inevitable: inevitably, your veneers would not be loose; therefore, if you experience such a thing visiting your dentist right away is a must.

After Having Veneers

  • Too Much Pressure can Break a Veneer: consuming or biting hard food can damage your veneers. Though this circumstance is unexpected to occur, it would still be best to visit your dentist after the situation. 
  • A Few Days of Discomfort: it is entirely normal to feel uncomfortable a few days after the procedure because it will take time to get used to the feeling. But, if the discomfort you feel is about your bite, it would be best to tell your doctor right away so that they can correct it immediately.
  • Constant Cleaning of your Teeth and Gums: cavities are just around the corner, and you are not safe despite your new veneers. It would be best to use the best products that may come along your way.
Veneers Norfolk VA


With that in mind, it would be best to read this article before having the procedure in order to prevent thinking twice during the process itself. Veneers Norfolk can finally be the answer to having a picture-perfect smile unlike any other. 

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