Emergency Dentist Norfolk VA


Emergency Dentist Norfolk VA

Same-day appointments are becoming popular in many dental clinics. For this reason, patients are more inclined to making same-day appointments and wonder why this is not the norm. The services provided by emergency dentist Norfolk VA allow patients to receive quality procedures without the wait. There are pros and cons to this service, as we will discuss in this guideline. Learn more about the differences between Emergency Dentist Norfolk VA services and waiting for our Virginia Beach specialists to craft and create dental prosthetics and provide the best teeth restoration services.

The Benefits Of Same Day Restorations - Emergency Dentist Norfolk VA

Same-day appointments with our specialists provide the same quality and value that patients receive during regular visits. Our root canal treatment and other dental procedures utilize updated equipment and techniques through CEREC, ensuring that your smile looks natural and the veneers do not look awkward. In emergency cases, specialists have ready-made impressions for patients who come for these aesthetic dental procedures on short-notice. Patients may opt to get these pre-made porcelain crowns without getting a checkup beforehand or waiting to receive customized crowns.

Limitations Of CEREC

While CEREC allows specialists to create better crowns, veneers, and onlays, there are limitations to creating these prosthetics. Opting for a same-day appointment and fitting can leave you with a less accurate prosthetic that will not be as long-lasting as its lab-created counterpart. To achieve beautiful and natural-looking teeth, specialists take time studying your current teeth and make sure they create prosthetics that improve your smile without your new teeth looking fake. CEREC reconstructions have fewer alternatives and options when it comes to materials used in the procedures. Improving one’s aesthetics takes time and proper care. Hence, we urge our clients to plan their teeth reconstruction treatment properly. Give us a call today, so we can help you find the best solution for your current cosmetic dental issues.

Why Choose Traditional Restorations?

Emergency dentist Norfolk VA office is focused on giving the best dental restoration as much as possible. So as to accomplish that objective, we use lab-created prosthetics. These restoration techniques are made to accommodate the differences in the patients' teeth and gums, customized to look like their own teeth. With the state-of-the-art equipment used by our labs, these prosthetics will have top-grade quality and the clients can freely choose which materials they want to use. The type of material used provides different benefits, such as the finished look of the prosthetic teeth and the amount of pressure it provides when chewing. 

Compared to the CEREC-created teeth, lab-made prosthetics are more precise with regards to the fitting and the aesthetics. For more information about our services, contact our office today at emergency dentist Norfolk VA. Our 24-hour emergency dentist Norfolk VA unit is focused on providing patients the best dental services in the city. We give importance to how much a great smile can affect our patient’s life, which is the main reason we strive to always give topmost services.

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