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Dental Emergency Norfolk VA addresses common dental emergencies that you can experience.

Pericoronitis. It is an inflammation of your gum tissue, and it is very common to appear in our lower teeth. It frequently happens around the third and final set of molars that we get in our later teens or early twenties, the wisdom teeth. It develops when the wisdom teeth partially erupted and broke through the gum: operculum, the soft tissue extension over a partially erupted wisdom tooth. The bacteria and inflammation are caused by the opening wound around the tooth. Bacteria or plaque can also be caught underneath the gingiva. It can irritate the gum that leads to pericoronitis if left untreated. In serious dental emergencies, the infection and swelling can expand beyond the jaw to the cheeks and neck.

Tooth Fracture. It is a crack or breaks in the enamel, the outer shell of the tooth. Enamel protects the nerves and blood vessels in the inner pulp of the tooth. Teeth can be fractured by chewing hard foods, accidental biting on hard objects, or with a blow to the face that result from a car accident or when playing a sport. Teeth cannot heal on their own. Visit urgent dental care Norfolk for a check up as they have available 24 hour dentist Norfolk VA that can give the treatment you need. Treatment varies based on the gravity of the fracture. The course of action may include crown, removal of the fractured portion, dental veneer, tooth extraction, or root canal.

Dental Emergency Norfolk VA

Tooth Abscess. It is a pocket of pus that can occur at any different area of the tooth for so many reasons. An abscess that appears at the tip of the root is called periapical, while on the contrary, the abscess that occurs in the gums at the side of the tooth root is called a periodontal abscess. Tooth abscess takes place when bacteria occupy the dental pulp. To prevent tooth abscess from happening, take care of your teeth and avoid tooth decay.

Dental Avulsion. It is a serious dental emergency that affects the prognosis of the tooth. It happens when a tooth is forced out of the gum line that damages both the dental structure and gum tissue. A severe blow to the mouth area is one of the most common causes of tooth avulsion. Avulsed teeth are which have been totally displaced from the socket. Reimplantation is to be done to preserve the periodontal ligament connected to the root.

How to Avoid a Dental Emergency

Everyone as much as possible should have a routine dental check-up with a dentist to ensure your teeth are strong, healthy, and free from decay. This way, dental emergencies can be easily avoided. If you are into sports activities that can put your mouth at risk of blowing, wearing a mouth guard will help to prevent from being knocked out, broken, or chipped. Do not chew ice and other hard foods. They can break your teeth or can cause fractures. It is very important to see and visit dental emergency Norfolk VA every six months for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for any dental emergencies that may arise.

Being Prepared for a dental emergency

We do not know when an emergency can happen because it happens any time and in any place. Bring a small dental first aid kit with the help that includes a small container with a lid, gauze, handkerchief, acetaminophen (this will not cause blood thinning and excessive bleeding during dental emergencies, unlike aspirin or ibuprofen), and lastly, name and phone number of your dentist. Keep in mind that as long as you are prepared, nothing to be worried about and should cause any panic.

Dental Emergency Norfolk VA

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