Affordable Dentures Norfolk VA


Affordable Dentures Norfolk VA

How do dentures work?

During a consultation, affordable dentures Norfolk VA will decide which denture type would best fit you. Dentures are customized in a dental clinic from imitations taken of your mouth. For full dentures, a colored acrylic base is arranged over your gums. The foundation of the denture will cover the palate, while the lower denture is like a horseshoe that will fit in with your tongue.

Will dentures make me look dissimilar?

It is outstanding for your appearance and health to replace missing or lost teeth. Dentures will give support to your lips and cheeks. Without wearing dentures, your facial muscles will sag, and you will look older, it will also find it difficult to speak and eat.

Affordable Dentures Norfolk VA

How long will it last?

Over time, dentures will need to be rebased, relined, or remade due to normal wear. As you age, your mouth will naturally change. This change will cause dentures to disconnect, making chewing food difficult and bringing discomfort to your gums. At times, it is advised to visit affordable dentures Norfolk VA for regular checkups.

What is the difference between partial dentures and full dentures?

Partial dentures or full dentures are the two types of dentures available for patients, depending on the diagnosis of your dentist and the extent of the tooth loss. If you still have most of your natural teeth, the dentist may recommend a partial denture. A partial denture will include artificial teeth on lightweight metal support. The metal support fits over your gums and neighboring teeth to fill the gap left behind by tooth mislaying. In case of complete tooth loss, the dentist will recommend full dentures.

How to take care of your dentures?

As long as you take care of your dentures, it will keep you smiling for many years to come. Take out your dentures every single night and brush them daily, just like your teeth with a denture brush to prevent bacteria and plaque build up. The dentures must be kept in a glass of cool water or a denture cleaning solution instead. This action will help the dentures hold onto their shape and remain in good order. If you are worried and uncomfortable while eating, your amazing dentist in Norfolk will suggest using over the counter adhesive denture pastes.

Side effects of dentures

You may notice an increase in saliva when you first get your dentures. This will subside, and it is normal as you get used to the new normal. You may also experience nausea at times, but that is temporary. While getting used to your new false teeth, you may have struggle eating at first. You can try liquid with soft foods to get familiar with them. False teeth can cause irritation while you are getting used to them. This is temporary as you adjust. Home remedies can help you, like gargling with salt water and always practice oral hygiene.

Are there any alternatives to dentures?

Bridges. This method is the most common alternative. It is designed with fake teeth that are clutched in place by a dental crown connected to the nearest teeth or implant. Dental implant. This option is permanent, and it brings stability to your jawbone thanks to the metal screw installed on top of it. Dental implants are relatively more costly than dentures, although others chose to pay for this convenience and durability. Veneers. They absolutely cannot replace your missing teeth, but they can help improve the presence of your existing teeth by putting a thin layer of porcelain all over the front teeth. 

Affordable Dentures Norfolk VA

For patients who want to bring back their great smiles dentist, dentures are a practical and cheap tooth loss solution. To know more about the advantages of dentures, call the affordable dentures Norfolk VA now.

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